ESTI DHARMASTUTI, 2003. The Effect of Tabulin on the Completeness of Antenatal Care in Pati District. A Thesis from Medical Magister, Post Graduate Program University of Sebelas Maret, Surakarta 2003.

The background for conducting this study was the presence of high maternal mortality rate which reached 123 maternal deaths per hundred thousand live births. An effort so-called as Tabungan Ibu Bersalin (Maternal Savings, abbreviated as Tabulin) was undertaken to help decrease the high maternal mortality. The question was whether Tabulin increases the completeness of antenatal care. This study aimed to determine the effect of Tabulin and several other factors on the completeness of antenatal care..

This study was analytic and observational, using the historical cohort design. The study population was pregnant mothers who were either members or non-members of Tabulin. The sample size was 600 people. The dependent variable of interest was completeness of the antenatal care. The primary independent variable was membership of Tabulin. The potential confounding factors accounted for in the analysis were mother’s education attainment, mother’s employment status, family income, number of children, the cost of antenatal care, types of antenatal care provider. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 9.0 to perform logistic regression analysis.

The results showed that Tabulin program significantly increases the probability of using antenatal care completely. Members of Tabulin have the probability of 6 times higher than non-members to use complete antenatal care (OR = 5.8; 95% CI = 2.9362 – 11.4768). Factors that also increase the probability of using  antenatal care include mother’s education  attainment  (OR = 4.7; 95% CI = 4.5843 – 40.6321),  family   income (OR = 6.1; 95% CI = 6.6450 – 18.3244 ), and professional antenatal attendants (OR = 3.8775; 95% CI = 0.2479 – 60.6581). Factors that decrease the probability of using antenatal care include number of children (OR = 0.1669; 95% CI = 0.7064 – 0.5337), and the cost of antenatal care (OR = 0.4; 95% CI = 0.8947 – 0.8368).

It is concluded that Tabulin program significantly increases the probability of using complete antenatal care for the members about 6 times higher than the non-members, after controlling for potential confounding factors. It is suggested that Tabulin program be developed further and its coverage be expanded to other subdistricts, at least within the Pati district, Central Java.

Key words: Gerakan Sayang Ibu, Tabulin (mothernal savings), completeness

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