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Rusiati, NIM: Q100040027. IMPLEMENTATION OF MANAGEMENT POLICY BASE ON SCHOOL IN THE STATE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OF 1 WONOGIRI. Thesis for Program Study of Education Management Magisterial Program on the University Muhammadiyah Surakarta in 2006.

Target of this research is to show the implementation of policy MBS in SDN I Wonogiri can push increase of achievement learn the pupil.

The research is used the approach qualitative with the method post positivistic, that is seeking mean at the opposite data. Topic research into aimed at  the condition of its genuiness where subject research reside in the condition subject isn’t at all touched treatment controlled by researcher as do as in the research experimental. Researcher involve the itself and passes the time exhaustively in collecting data directly. This research is involved an interest in a everyday human being behavior in a state of routine or natural setting. Sample is taken with methode snow ball sampling,  totaling sample is 4 informen. The Data collecting Method of at this research with to be able to obtain; get an circumstantial understanding to object research perceived, so data is collected by: (1) observation, (2) perception involved, (3) interview with the guidance, and (4) document study. The data analyses Technique is more focused by during process in field at the same time with the data collecting.

Result of research is shown by: (1). Implementation MBS in SD Negeri I Wonogiri have walked better specially reaching of Mission and Vision of School. Openness of Management of SD N 1 concerning program and fund have good enough. Performance school is  succesful after done the MBS Program with increase the performance of academic and also activity follow the game (non academic), and (2). There are increase trust by society to school, and increase  the society participation to program for school. Proven by adding of 5 rooms/classes and reaching program which agenda in middle program of SDN 1 Wonogiri.

Keywords: School Base Management Program – Policy Implementation – increase of Student Achievement

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