Naniek Darwati, Nim: P 100 040 123. Relation Between of Health Insurance Membership  with Current Smoker.  A Thesis Submitted for The Masters Program in Management with Concentration in Health Economics, Postgraduate Program, Muhammadiyah University Surakarta,  2007.

Health represent the human right and at the same time represent the human resource invesment, and also have the big contribution to increase The Human Development Index (HDI). Therefore become an compulsion for everyone to look after, to improving and protecting health for the shake of prosperity entire Indonesian society.  Target of this research is to know the relation between Health Insurance Membership  and current smoker in Surakarta city.

This study was analytic-observational, using cross sectional approach. The study was done in Surakarta City, population in this research is society in Surakarta City, analysed with sampel counted 100 responders. Statistical analyses in this research by The logistic multiple regression, using program of SPSS Version 13.0

The study results showed: (1). The Health Insurance Membership (OR = 5,83; CI 95 = 1,63 – 20,90), (2). Junior/Senior high school graduate (OR = 0,68; CI 95 = 0,07 – 6,52); and College graduated (OR = 1,19; CI 95 = 0,11 – 12,38); ( 3). Income Family, (OR = 0,36; CI 95 = 0,13 – 0,99); (4). Sex, (OR = 1; CI 95 = 0,00 – 0,00); and (5). Age, (OR = 2,29; CI 95 = 0,85 – 6,15).

This study concludes that relation between of health membership insurance with the current smoker. Insurance membership improve the possibility six bigger to times have the current smoker compared to which insurance nonmember, after considering confounding factors: education, family earnings, gender and age. Suggested by smoker to stop smoking.


Key words: Society, the Health Insurance Membership, Current smoker

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